BEarth Peace offers comprehensive childbirth education classes and doula services to individuals in northern New Jersey. We specialize in dynamic and holistic wellness to support individuals and families along a full spectrum of birth and reproductive outcomes, including adoption, bereavement, labor, and postpartum.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals from all walks of life throughout their reproductive journeys, including LGBTQIA+ families, non-traditional familial structures, teen parents, and gender non-conforming birthing persons. 

Our goal is to help liberate individuals in their decisions and experiences surrounding reproduction by helping to reconnect them to the source of who they are and their values, encouraging them to reclaim the body and re-engage with their emotions and the spiritual self, and by restoring the stories that are told.

Hi! I'm Dewanna — Founder of BEarth Peace

Childbirth Educator | Doula | Reiki Master & Teacher | Reproductive Peace & Justice Advocate